Pearl 450P Electric Instant Water Heater


  • Modern design with bright colours.
  • Adjust the temperature as needed.
  • Durable copper boiler, heats quickly.
  • Double safety system with Thermo Double Safety, temporarily cutting off power when the temperature exceeds 55 degrees and permanently cuts off when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees.
  • IP25 standard Water Protection 
  • Durable circuit boards, tested for resistance to abnormal conditions such as overloads, surges, thunder, lightning (Surge & Fast Transient protection).

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Power 4.5 Kw
Safety System ELCB , Thermo Double Safety , Flow switch sensor , IP25
Product Size
(W x D x H)
225 x 78 x 360 mm
Weight 1.5 Kg
  • ELCB automatic power cut-off switch Cut off the power immediately when there is a current leak.
  • Flow switch sensor cuts off power when there is too little water flowing through.
  • Thermo Double Safety cuts off in 2 steps at 55 °C and 90 °C.
  • IP25 can prevent water from entering the machine.
  • Control valve & filter checks for dirt and controls water flow.